Finding Your Perfect Color Scheme

Whether you’re searching for dark and moody, or light and lively, the colors you choose for your wedding flowers can make a big impact on the ambiance of your day. When making this decision there are a few things to consider. That is where we come in!

Using the florals seasonally available when you’re tying the knot can help narrow down your color scheme. Are you looking for the perfect Autumnal palette to create an earthy and moody vibe for your October date? Or is your May wedding begging for energetic, lively colors to set the tone?

Ultimately, color palette connotes a feeling. Brainstorm about the emotions you want your guests to get when they step into the venue. Whether it’s the feeling of relief coming from a cozy sweater in the cold, or the warmth of a bright summer sunset, the colors of your florals are a great way to achieve your intended mood.

Keeping it light and bubbly? Colors like pale yellow, peach, and shades of pink can create a soft, fresh feeling throughout your venue.

Lush greenery and neutral colors throughout your wedding design will gear towards a natural, earthy vibe, perfect for a laidback couple.

For the eccentric bride, colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, maroon, and dusty rose come together to make a spirited and cheerful wedding day.

Dried elements have become a staple of wedding trends, and tend to create a beachy boho sentiment, especially when paired with white, or khaki colored blooms.

Here’s some quick tips for finding your perfect wedding color palette:

Use a bold accent color to energize a neutral palette.

Expanding your palette to analogous colors (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel) can create a nice gradient with a lot of variety. Have your heart set on burgundy? Accents colors on either side of the spectrum (like plum and red) can really elevate your design.

Trust the experts! We’ve worked with flowers in just about every color you can imagine, and we know exactly what florals to gravitate towards as soon as you tell us your palette! Trust us to guide you through the color wheel to find the hues that are important to you, while also employing the natural allure that florals and other organic elements have to offer.

As an alternative to a bold accent color, use a neutral shade to create a spectrum between contrasting colors (no soccer balls here).

Follow your heart! Ultimately, what makes your wedding day the most special is that it’s yours! It is meant for you and your fiancé to express yourselves as one. So go with what you like, it doesn’t not have to be what’s trending right now. Trends come and go but putting your personal touch into your wedding will create memories that last forever.

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