Pleased to meet you!

We’re so honored you’re here. Welcome to the family!

Our team boasts a tremendous amount of creative design talent and when we’re all together it’s pure magic and usually a lot of laughter. Although working in a fast-paced, often high stress, creative atmosphere isn’t always easy. Whether we’re designing 40 centerpieces in the shop or running up and down a 10’ ladder creating an installation, we know how to work hard, have fun, and make it all look good!

Cumulatively, our team has strong backgrounds in studio art, architecture, interior design, communication, visual merchandising, and customer service, but floral and event design is our common thread and our shared passion. We love creating beauty that enriches the lives of our clients on a daily basis as well as life’s most important moments. We look forward to getting to know you and bringing your story to life.


As the owner of Fiore, Chelsea’s love for delivering refreshing floral arrangements and dedication to customer service has earned the shop its award-winning reputation. With 20 years of experience in the design world, Chelsea lives for style and her colorful concepts come from her ability to find inspiration in nature, fashion, and interior design. After earning a degree in Architecture and Art History, she knows design is most powerful when it tells a story and loves layering textures and materials to create compelling spaces and compositions. Chelsea has always wanted to own her own business and cultivate a creative studio for designers to learn, grow, and work together. Chelsea and her husband Logan met in San Diego, CA, and have loved calling Wilmington home since 2011. Together, they have two sweet babes, Lilly and Ryder.


Tessa has over 8 years of experience in the floral industry and loves to explore new mechanics and create installations. Graduating from UNCW with a degree in studio art, Tessa is a classically trained, free-spirited artist who has a passion and drive for all things floral and plant-related. With a natural ability to lead and compassion to help others, Manager is a title Tessa wears well. Her kind and gentle nature make her a favorite among customers and she is constantly pulling inspiration from the natural world.


Leaving her hometown in Ohio, Gabrielle ventured to the South to attend Clemson University, before finding her love for weddings and joining our team full-time. Her bright personality and determined nature make her the perfect Assistant Manager and leader of our wedding planning and coordination team.  With a kind smile and warm greeting, Gabrielle welcomes all of our clients into the shop and makes them feel at home.


Coming to Wilmington from Winston-Salem to attend UNCW, this kind soul received her studio art degree in 2021.  Her creative and fun personality shows through each and every arrangement in the shop and with every wedding installation! She shines on the design floor and is a favorite among our loyal clients. Anne-Conley betters those around her, with her natural curiosity leading the team in constant growth.



Joining us from San Diego, this west-coast native has 6 years of experience in floral design and event planning. As our assistant event planner, Isabella brings the sunshine of California to our little coastal town. Organized and gracious with an eye for detail, Isabella has elevated Fiore in both floral design and execution of large-scale events, bringing unmatched passion and kindness to every client.


Erica has been a long time Fiore artisan for over 14 years. With specialties in both daily and wedding design, this talented queen is responsible for some of the most beautiful arrangements that leave the shop. Her love for flowers stems from growing up on a flower and vegetable farm in Virginia, and we are lucky to have her expansive knowledge on our team! Erica brings joy to all that she does, and her passion for design and appreciation for each bloom is apparent in all she creates.



This UNCW grad has a background in interior design, and her detail-oriented skills have translated beautifully into the world of flowers. Taryn has become an invaluable part of our team, assisting designers both in the shop and on site, helping to make each bride’s dreams come true. Whether she’s on a ladder designing, assisting our planning team, or helping customers, Taryn’s positive attitude and sunny personality always shines through!


A UNCW student majoring in Education and Childhood Development, Kara has a passion for travel and flowers. Able to pivot at the drop of a hat, she makes the role of Shop Assistant look easy. When she’s not zipping around the shop, seeing to all of the details that make our business go, she can be found delivering gorgeous flowers with an equally gorgeous smile on her face.


Meet Otis; everyone’s favorite shop dog and the only staff member to win “Employee of the Month” for 12 consecutive months! Otis works extremely hard so don’t be surprised if you find him taking a quick power nap in the back. His role as door greeter is one that is quite important to him and one he looks forward to completing each and every day. Stop by; he only charges an entry fee of 1 belly rub.